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Monday, July 29, 2013

Iron-on & custom pieces

One thing I didn't do with EJ was monogram anything or customize anything for him. I felt and still do feel bad about it, but rather than live in the past... I decided to do something about it. I ordered some custom files on etsy to print out in transfer paper to make iron-on prints. 

I want my boys to feel special. One of my promises is make sure EJ never feels singled out or like I didn't do enough with him or for him. Although hard at times, and painful, I try to take EJ out on dates. We go to the zoo, we joined some playgroups, the parks, splashpad, lunch, dinner, etc. I try to take more pictures with him, although I feel like a blob. I also include him in decisions like what to buy the baby and if he wants anything. 

So while doing this, I wanted him to always feel included. I started to look for big brother ideas. One being the iron on stuff that he could wear and show him that he matches his baby brother. He loves its and gets excited to one day meet him. 

Things I've made...
A going home outfit, another set of matching shirts and about 8 bow tie onsies (bc they are just super cute and a great way to dress up plain white onsies)

Once I find more colors, I will iron-on more bow-ties and make some custom things for EJ as well. I want him to have individual stuff too & not always having matching things with his brother. 

Now to think of a good big brother gift for him...


Mama Hauck said...

Super cute! I did a few tie iron on onsies for my 3rd kiddo. They are adorable!