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Monday, August 12, 2013

The fireman's son

After a long 48 hrs of not seeing daddy, there is nothing like that feeling you get first thing in the morning... its daddy. He's laying on the couch still in his uniform, the T.V. on, and I just have to climb on him with my pillow.
Daddy wakes up and I am still grumpy because I carry half of mommy's genes; so I'm not quite awake yet.
We cuddle on the couch and wait for mommy to wake up for breakfast. Its a new day, and I don't know if its Saturday or Tuesday, but I know my daddy is home so its time to play with him. Every chance I get I go sit next to him, prop my feet on him, or just lay my head on him to feel that he is close. We play with my legos and he helps me build super cool things like a my train or my rocketship. I ask him to come play in my room and he sits on my floor still tired but playing playing with my cars and my "monos".
Its the afternoon now and daddy is yawning and falling asleep. Mommy says we need to be quiet and let daddy nap. I go sit in my room quietly and watch my cartoons. Mommy gives me snacks and when it time to make food for all of us; I go to check to see if daddy is awake yet. He wakes up and we play again. Daddy hugs me and squeezes me and sometimes I scream for mommy to come help me beat daddy.
Its night time now and mommy says its bedtime. I don't want to sleep, but daddy is going to read to me. We lay in bed and he reads two books/stories to me. I get sleepy and I finally want to go to sleep. I dont say that though, I ask daddy instead "will you snuggle me." We snuggle and its night night time.
More days go by and mommy and daddy take me to do fun things. Daddy even takes me to the park to fly a kite.
 But then night time comes again, and mommy and daddy let me sleep in the middle in their big bed. We read, mommy sings to me, and I cuddle with them both. I tell daddy all the things I want to do, but mommy says its time for him to go back to work. I get sad. Sometimes I cry, but mommy and daddy give me a hug and remind me its just for a little while. Mommy says we get to talk to daddy on the phone before bedtime when he is not here. She shows me pictures and helps me cross off the days until daddy comes home.

When I wake up, daddy is gone. Sometimes I cry. Mommy makes me breakfast pancakes to make me feel better and snuggles with me. Its ok. Daddy will be home when work is done. Sometimes mommy takes me to fun places and I feel better. We take lots of pictures to show daddy when he gets home.
My daddy is a fireman. He drives the big fire truck and the ambulance and he helps people. He puts out the fires and one day I want to be a fireman too. I like to visit daddy at the station sometimes, even though sometimes he has to run really fast down the stairs because the alarms made lots of noise. I miss my daddy when he is not here, but daddy says other people need help too so I have to share my time with him.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Iron-on & custom pieces

One thing I didn't do with EJ was monogram anything or customize anything for him. I felt and still do feel bad about it, but rather than live in the past... I decided to do something about it. I ordered some custom files on etsy to print out in transfer paper to make iron-on prints. 

I want my boys to feel special. One of my promises is make sure EJ never feels singled out or like I didn't do enough with him or for him. Although hard at times, and painful, I try to take EJ out on dates. We go to the zoo, we joined some playgroups, the parks, splashpad, lunch, dinner, etc. I try to take more pictures with him, although I feel like a blob. I also include him in decisions like what to buy the baby and if he wants anything. 

So while doing this, I wanted him to always feel included. I started to look for big brother ideas. One being the iron on stuff that he could wear and show him that he matches his baby brother. He loves its and gets excited to one day meet him. 

Things I've made...
A going home outfit, another set of matching shirts and about 8 bow tie onsies (bc they are just super cute and a great way to dress up plain white onsies)

Once I find more colors, I will iron-on more bow-ties and make some custom things for EJ as well. I want him to have individual stuff too & not always having matching things with his brother. 

Now to think of a good big brother gift for him...

Monday, July 22, 2013

Photos ❤

One of my projects that I've been neglecting to do was to finally put up our wedding pictures. One day I will finish our wedding photo book and look back at it with E on our wedding anniversary. 

I pinned some new ideas a few months back, and came up with the Mr. & Mrs. Wall. Picking out the photos was harder than anything else. 

I browsed garage sales a few times and bought some very nice frames for $0.25 and up. A real steal considering that even on sale some frames will only go for $3-5 each. 

I bought some paint for less than $2 at Hobby Lobby (which has become a store I am now obsessed with). And some letters for $1.50/each. Prints were 101 free with a promo code on shutterfly, in addition to some $0.12 for each 5x7 (which I got 11 of them). 

The finally product was great. The paint for the letters was $2 as well, and although its a littles crooked-- it's beautiful. E loves it and compliments on it every so often. 

It was a fun project and I can't wait to put up more pictures and update our other family/friends photo wall.